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I am an iPad App developer.


an App for iPad only
- Aug, 2019 -


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Privacy policy :

This App don't collect your personal information.
This App don't send your personal information to someone.

Junji don't sell your personal information.
Junji don't reuse your personal information.

This App don't do tracking you.
This App don't internet connect hiding.

Always, Junji's App don't include internet-ads.
I have never include ad-network-system in my Apps.

This website don't collect your Cookies.

Because, I like you. I see you as a lively warm human, you are the real person. I think you are not someone's wallet.
I like people more than money.
( Honestly speaking, I am not a rich millionaire. So, I want to earn money some little without cheating. )

Also I don't sell my words.

with Honesty, until pass away.

Junji Suzuki